Just filled out my health insurance forms!

yeah!!! fucking around with health insurance forms!!!!

I hate when people complain about “oh health forms are stupid they want my biological sex instead of my gender!!!!” or “they only have male or female!!!”

There’s a reason for that, you dumb fucks, and they’re referring to biological sex

Different health risks are present in different sexes, and whatever gender is in your head does not change the fact that if you were born female, you have a higher risk for certain cancers and osteoporosis, and if you were born male you have a higher risk for heart disease and often a shorter lifespan than a female.

In other words, your biological sex is an important factor in health and health insurance, and your special snowflake status doesn’t change that.

Coulda said it nicer but it’s true; it’s about health.

No. There gets a point where nice doesn’t work. There’s too many stupid ass angsty teens on here that are gonna get themselves seriously hurt or sick because they wanna be a special fucking snowflake. Lemme tell you a thing. Doctors don’t give a flying fuck what you identify as. All they want to know is do you have two X chromosomes or an XY? Because cancer and lupus and certain medicines don’t give a flying fuck what pronouns you use. This is about your fucking LIFE. stop being angsty for TWELVE SECONDS because when you’re in an ambulance or going into cardiac arrest or whatever the situation may be, it’s ESSENTIAL that you get your head out of your ass long enough to tell them your BIOLOGICAL SEX that you were BORN WITH. It literally may save your life.



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#father-daughter time

has Peter never heard of dressing appropriately for the weather, i mean everyone is in in heavy winter gear, Peter is wearing a v neck that shows off his navel and putting out eyes with his nipples?

Peter’s february look, a deep v neck with short sleeves



nice shirt, Kate

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I wanna talk about this scene, because it’s becoming more and more clear that Lydia is only putting up with Malia because of Stiles. We know exactly what Lydia looks like when she’s with someone she genuinely likes- Allison, Stiles, hell, even Jackson. 

But Malia? Malia she tolerates. 




This fandom….I swear. BEST




Derek Hale - episode eleven 



I’m really fucking annoyed right now.

I can’t have a conversation with anyone.

I’ll say “ooh this would be a cool backstory and it would make sense with canon” and the response will be “Yeah but you know the writers didn’t think of that.”

I’ll say “Oh man that sucks. I wish this could’ve happened instead.” and the response will be “What do you expect with this show and these writers?”

I’ll say “That episode was painful.” and the response will be “I don’t even know why anyone watches this show anymore it’s awful.”

And I’m fucking SICK OF IT.

I am goddamn tired of it being a fucking given fact that every single person who watches Teen Wolf hates Teen Wolf. I’m tired of it.

I don’t hate Teen Wolf.

I enjoy it.

It gives me something to think about instead of how fucking shitty my life is. 

I am fucking tired of hearing everyone talk about it like it’s objectively terrible because we don’t know the exact date and time of Derek Hale’s birth.

If you hate it that goddamn much go watch something else and stop talking to me.



Are you ever just overwhelmed by the horrifying thought that maybe, nobody ACTUALLY wants you around? And it’s not that you think everyone hates you, but it’s just that you’re not special to anyone? And that its really kind of sucky that you’re about 98% sure that nobody thinks “Wow, I just really like talking to her.” and that you could probably just disappear without anyone caring that much?

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dogs arent that great



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T.O.P ruffling his hair and walkin’ like a boss

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This is a great conversation in terms of how ridicuously important syntax is in Teen Wolf.

Peter: I said that to you?

Meredith: You said it.

Although since every word of dialogue in the show is potentially or is like this…

Perpetually slow clappin’ it out




Dedicated to bleep0bleep because she’s an absolute angel who always spreads good cheer by writing people little adorable wonderful ficlets and gosh, every time I read something she writes it makes my face do goofy things ♥

Just imagine Derek getting stuck in his wolf form and having none of his human inhibitions and stuff, but his wolf still remembers his crush on Stiles so he cuddles Stiles’ hoodie and gets stuck in it because the scent is so comforting, and all the other werewolves are like ehehehheehe and stiles is like ????

Yeah, I love drawing Wolf!Derek a lot. (look out for this coming out on a mug soon at my Society6 store!)

"So what is it…he just can’t shift back?" Stiles asks, as the wolf bounds out of Scott’s mom’s car, making a straight headline for— wow, that’s interesting. Stiles pets Derek’s fur awkwardly as Derek noses at Stiles’ knees, sniffing happily.

"Yeah," Scott says. "The witch got him stuck in this wolf form. It’ll be awhile, but Deaton said the spell will wear off."

Derek’s tongue lolls out of his mouth and he pants excitedly, and then jumps up and licks Stiles right on the face. “Um, did they do something else to him too? I kind of thought Derek as a wolf might just like, brood wolfily in a corner or something.” 

Scott sighs. “I think the spell was supposed to remove all your inhibitions and defenses, take all the fight out of you I guess. They were aiming it at me and Derek pushed me out of the way.” 

"Ah," Stiles says.

"Watch him for awhile, he’s really vulnerable right now," Scott says. "I need to go find the rest of the coven before they do anything worse."

Scott heads back to the car, and Stiles yells after it, “What am I supposed to do, play fetch?” 

Derek runs into the house, yipping gleefully. 

He’s everywhere, a black furry ball of motion, sniffing everything excitedly, running up the stairs and then back down, circling around Stiles’ legs until Stiles follows him to his bedroom. Derek leaps onto Stiles’ bed, rolling around, tongue hanging out.

"You look absolutely ridiculous," Stiles tells him, and Derek just pants, mouth hanging open in a wolfy grin. 

Stiles’ lacrosse hoodie is on the bed from where he chucked it off earlier, and Derek noses at it, making a delighted noise, and then rubs his face against it, his head pushing it. Stiles watches in amazement as Derek — there’s really no other word for it— cuddles his hoodie, rolling around with it, contentment written all over his furry face. Somehow Derek manages to get inside of it, head poking out of the hood and he just looks so pleased with himself. 

"This is just too cute, man," Stiles says, grabbing his phone to take a picture. He’s going to want all the evidence he can get of this ridiculousness.